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FCW Technologies
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About Us

About The Company

FCW Technologies have been operating in the domain of electrical products since 1985 with fully dependent on ultra-modern production facilities. Our company has great reputation as an expert manufacturer of different types of SMPS Open Circuit, SMPS Adapter, RO Adapter and many more. Our company provides electro power solution and satisfies customers by offering them Power Management Products and R.O Power Accessories at competitive prices.

Year: 1986 The Start of Servicing sector This was the time when the main focus was done on services.

Year: 1998 ( 1991-1998 ) The Start of manufacturing unit. The year 1991 was the starting year of manufacturing unit. Products such as Transformers, Power supply and adapter were manufactured at that time. In the year 1998, Manufacturing unit was expanded at Idar, Gujarat. Manufacturing of products such as SMPS, Stabilizers and inverters was also started in the same year.

Year: 2007 Manufacturing Increase In the year 2007, a new manufacturing unit was established at Gandhinagar, Gujarat with over 150 employees.

Year: 2015 Expansion of second Unit at Gandhinagar In the year 2015, with great success the second unit at Gandhinagar was expanded and over 100 new employees joined FCW Technology.